Winter is a great time to order all those extra parts!    Also check your wish list for extra pumps, props,
 carb kits, fuel pump kits etc....

Call ROBERT  with your personal list at 810-748-3600  EST


Chris-Craft Parts for Hercules Engines

Models: A, B, K, KL, KLC, KFL, KBL, M, ML, MBL, MCL, W, WB, and (IXB, QXD, JXD)
Gasket Kits, Pistons, Bearings, Manifolds, Heads, Pumps, Transmissions,Exhaust Elbows, Blocks (Reconditioned), Crankshafts, Cam Shafts, Valves, Valve Guides, Carburetors, Carb Kits, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Pump Kits, Distributors, Engine Mounts, enerators & Alternators Chris Craft-Blue Spray Paint.


Chris Craft Parts for GM V-8 Engines

                                        New & Used Parts for GM 283DCP_4487 (Small) 283a
      Transmission 283 WGaskets Pict 3479    
                         Rebuilt Transmission



                                                               Complete Gasket Set 283 w/Head          

283 Gasket set pic 3454

    Also available: 

    carb kits
    Fuel Pump Kits
    New & Used INTAKE manifolds,
    Rod Bearings
    Main Bearings
    Cam Shafts
    Valve Guildes
    Distributor Parts

      Please contact Robert for your
      specific needs,
      sizes and types 
      810-748-3600 EST

Manifold 283 Pic 29 283 Exhaust Manifold
                Blue Spray  Paint                                 283 Rebuilt  Water Pump

Chris-Craft Blue Paint (Small)   Peter Henkel Pictures 014
                            283 Exhaust Manifold Pieces

Peter Henkel Pictures 032

                       283 Engine Mounts                              283 Rebuilt Generator
283 Mounts Pic 4489parts3 (Small)

                                       327, 350, F and Q Series (New and Used) parts

                                                DCP_4483 (Small)327 F
                                                                         327 F

                  Gasket 327F Pic 3448

                                                          GM Q Complete Gasket Set

DCP_3445 (Small)Gaskets
               Model B Hercules   Complete Gasket Set

Pistons K QXD-QXLD                                                                                                        
                                      Hercules Model B Pistons

                                                              3433 Gasket set

                                                                                         Hercules Model K Complete Gasket Set


Gasket Set JXD-JXLD

            Hercules Model "M" Series Complete Gasket Set

Manifolds, Heads, Gasket Sets, Transmissions (Paragon) Reduction, Gears, Water Pumps, Pans, Housings, Engine Mounts, Intake Manifolds, Carburetors, Carb Kits, Fuel Pumps, and Fuel Pump Kits, Distributors, Oil Coolers, Spacer Plates, Adapter Plates, Exhaust Elbows, Generators & Alternators and most all other Miscellaneous parts.


Chris Craft Engine Parts for Ford Engines

Models: 430, 431,427

Blocks, Manifolds, Risers, Heads, Intakes, Exhaust Elbows, Water Pumps, Engine Mounts, Support Housings, Oil Coolers, alves, Transmissions and most all Miscellaneous Parts.


DCP_4486 (Small)431a



                         Running Model "K" Engines  

                                    Good Used Long Blocks 283, 327, 350, 431

                            Call Robert Henkel  for details  and quotes, 810-748-3600 EST

                             Underwater Parts Available

  •    Rudders, Struts, Propellers,

  •    Shaft Logs, Shaft Couplings, 
  •    Propeller Shafts, Through-Hull Fittings




    Thru Hull Fittings

              You will need on hand to order:

          Size of Prop (RH or LH)

           Lengh and Diameter of Shaft

           Casting # off of old strut if possible





                                Hardware and Instruments

 Vents, Scoops  Steering Wheels  Lights
 Exhaust Rings  Stern Pole Kits Burgees
 Instruments  Bow Poles Step Pads & Frames


    3461 K MountTransmission JXD-JXLDElbows JXD-JXLD
                                                                                                          Exhaust pipes for Model K & M Series











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